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The Social Club

BP Anime Club

BP Anime Club is a social club for Blue Protocol. It is independent of the guild. Originally formed as a giant “Group-Chat”, the original purpose of BP Anime Club was to allow friends/members a place to hang out that’s outside of the scope of other “Formalized” Blue Protocol Communities. Overtime, BP Anime Club’s presence started spreading. BP Anime Club is a place that offers members a group with zero obligation and is solely for the purpose of socializing, meeting new people, and etc.


Fun & Memes

The biggest draw for BP Anime Club is that it's a really chill group of people, that's outside of your formal Blue Protocol Communities that requires zero obligation or responsibilities. There's always events, voice-chat sessions, quality shitposting & memes.

Club Rules

Upon joining BP Anime Club, you are expected to follow these basic rules/pillars.
  1. GANG-GANG – Jokes aside, this is a exclusive social club where members are voted in. With that said, mutual respect is given.
  2. Good Vibez – One of the main reasons this club was founded was to have total freedom from other Blue Protocol Community jurisdictions. Most of us enjoy eachothers company, so finding your chill is a necessary requirement for this club.
  3. Respect the Disciplinary Committee – The Disciplinary Committee or “Mods”. Please respect the discord terms of service rules and of course our discord rules and channels.
BP Anime Club

Discipline Process

Minor Infraction

Minor infraction violations to the rules (First-time offenses) will receive a warning

Repeated/Major Infraction

Repeated infractions will lead to either a 24 Day Mute or ``Quarantine``.


Major Infractions will result in a decision by the Disciplinary Committee for removal from the club.

What we look for

BP Anime Club is a unique social club. Unlike other Blue Protocol Communities, we offer a tight-knit group of individuals who all know eachother. Our recruitment policy will always be open-door as we believe allowing individuals to be a part of the club.

Every member is immediately vibe-checked. BP Anime Club isn't for everybody. Shitposting and quality memes are present daily 24/7. Every potential member is screened to see if our atmosphere is best suited for them.

We are constantly aware of other Blue Protocol communities such as BP Database or Seven's BP. For the most part we are active in both communities. We look for active individuals, we want our club members to actually talk and vibe with us. Not just join 1 day and don't say anything.