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Guild Info


Nightfall is a guild that formed early during CBT1 Japan. Back then we didn’t even consider us as a guild, but more or less a social club. Originally “BP Anime Club” was created as a safe haven outside of the scope of “Formal” Blue Protocol Communities. A large number of us met through various Blue Protocol Discord communities and have since then grown and develop to what we are today.

Raid Info

Tight-knit GANG

Everyone in Nightfall essentially knows eachother. This is an extremely tight-knit group. NF isn't for everybody, as shitposting and memes are a natural way of life here in the NF. Being a part of the Guild allows you to have a good time and joke around as well as meet new people that share the same.

We roll in GROUPZ

Being a part of the Nightfall Crew means you don't get to be a solo edgelord. You get to be a part of a group of edgelords (Akatsuki GANG). This means we'll always be running dungeons, hunting world bosses, or shitposting in the chat.


The Council is your typical guild administration, an internal title. They are responsible for the overall command/flow of the guild, managing day to day tasks and what not.

The Council decides rules and enforces them within the guild. They are responsible for just overall responsibilities from raid-leading, events, peacekeepers, and etc.

The Guild Structure

Nightfall is a unique guild with a pretty unique structure. Due to the nature of Blue Protocol and its stance on players being able to do content without a guild, we view guilds more or less as a social tool. With that said, Nightfall is divided between a social club named “BP Anime Club” and the guild.


The Social Club

The Social Club is essentially open to anybody so long as they follow our rules. It has no obligation and serves as a meeting place for edgelords, friends in other guilds, and etc.


The Guild

The Guild is an actual guild that is exclusive in membership. Members are either voted or vouched upon for membership. Being a part of the Nightfall crew allows individuals an easier way to access guild functions and be included in guild-content such as raids.

The Members

Every member in the guild is hand-selected, voted by the core, or vouched upon by a recruitment officer. The guild will never have an open-door policy. We understand the importance of having an emphasis on “QUALITY” members over “QUANTITY”. Every member in the guild is not just a number but a friend. This atmosphere where everyone knows everyone is something that has been a core pillar of this guild since the inception. As a member of the guild, you are expected to be engaged in guild activities and participate in feedback.These responsibilities include voting upon a potential member for membership, dungeon runs or other group activity, and other ELITE stuff.

Picture done by Guild Member Pineappleru. All credit/copyright goes to them.